And he shall be called… 3

It dawned on me today that we hadn’t exactly told everyone what we will be naming our baby boy. First, a brief history lesson…

My grandfather is Roger William Haun and he goes by the nickname “Bill.” When I was born, my father named me after my grandfather – Roger William Haun II but they decided to call me “William.” It has always been a bit of a hassle being called by my middle name. Every school year on the first day of class the teacher would call out “Roger” several times before I realized she was calling me. ID checks on my credit card and driver’s license always confuse cashiers and government workers. Legal documents also lead to confusion as people ask why I sign “Roger” instead of “William.” You would think that I would save my own son the hassle of a odd name…

Not so! We will be naming our boy Roger William Haun III but we will be calling him “Trey.” The name Trey in Latin means the number 3 and in English it means “Third Born” or just “Third.” As an added bonus, we recently found out that the name also means “creatively brilliant” – you can’t go wrong there!

I’m very excited to have a son who is called the number 3. Three, after all, is one of the most mysterious and powerful numbers in our universe.

  • The Holy Trinity is made up of 3 – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • There are three primary colors – Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Three sides to a triangle
  • Three divisions in completing time – Past, Present, Future
  • Three types of matter – animal, vegetable, mineral
  • Three phases of the moon
  • Nature is divided into three – earth, sea, sky

So we can’t discount the Chinese who consider 3 to be the perfect number. Three carries some weight in our cosmos (the ancient Egyptians believed it to be thenumber of the cosmos) and I believe that our Trey will as well.

Oh, and before I forget – Dale Earnhardt wore the #3!

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