My First Interaction With My Son

We were on the plane returning from our week long vacation in Colorado Springs when I got to feel Trey for the first time. Heidi has been feeling him kick every once in a while inside of her, but this time he was kicking hard enough that I got to feel it.

It was just a little tap that I felt but was yet another example of how amazing the life that is kicking inside of her is. In 6 years that boy will be kicking a soccer ball, in 10 years he’ll be kicking his sibling(s), and in 18 years I’ll be kicking him out of my house and off to college. Seems like ages from now, but I know any parent will testify that the time will fly. No matter how fast it flies – I’m planning on enjoying every frame of it. That’s a lot a 30 frames per second.

1 thought on “My First Interaction With My Son

  1. Allison

    It’s so neat to be able to share all this with you guys! This website is a great idea. I love checking for updates, and reading today made me really happy. Also, I didn’t know you had a name picked out! "Trey" is very sweet.

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