Showing more and more…

Last night I was ordained as a deacon at my church. Though that has nothing to do with our baby website, I thought this photo that Heidi’s dad took certainly did. Have a look a the little bump on Heidi’s belly… you can see our little one starting to show!

Heidi's belly starts to show

 On a side note, that is my dad praying with me on the left

2 thoughts on “Showing more and more…

  1. Sarah

    Heidi -I know this is my first comment on your baby page, sorry for that! Whenever we get around a computer, Jerry is the one who gets to sign on and update the blog while I stay with Pence. But tonight we stopped at a place where we have internet in our room all night. So I get to check (in detail) your page. I’m so excited to see your belly and I love your dress. More importantly, congratulations to William and you for devoting more commitment and time to your church and the Lord. I know the Lord has great plans to bless you guys.

  2. barbara nordlund

    Finally, a picture with Heidi’s head! : ) You guys look like things are going great, this website is great to check in and see how you’re doing. Love to both of you from Chi-town!

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