I’m going to be a father!

Wow, where to start! God is so great! I get really excited thinking about bringing a new lifeinto this world and teaching him everything I know. I also get really scared… What if I screw up? What if he/she finds out I’m a fraud and I’m not the greatest human on earth? What if I let him/her down? The great thing is that I have a father and a grandfather who set a great example for me. I also have a Father in heaven who has set the greatest example.

While in college I had a part-time job at an afterschool daycare center for a year and a half. It was there that I realized how great it was to play with kids and teach them. I also saw how important a male role model is in a child’s life. So many of the kids I worked with came from single mother homes and didn’t have a father figure. For several of them, I was their only father figure. I can’t wait to be in that role model for my kid!

I’ve got so many ideas, dreams, and experiences for my kid and I’m counting the days to get started! I’m so blessed to have a wife who will be the most caring, most fun, and coolest mom ever! Together with our child we will be the best family ever!