Sermon on Fatherhood

Scott Hooker, our church’s minister of music, gave a fantistic message on fatherhood today. Usually you only hear sermons on that topic around Father’s Day but for some reason Scott pulled it out for Thanksgiving weekend. And what a blessing it was! He touched on all sorts of topics and issues that I want to reflect in my life when I am a father.

After church on our drive back home I just knew that Heidi was pregnant. I wanted to stop and get the pregnancy test and find out right then and there. Heidi graciously explained to me that you have to wait until the end of her menstrual cycle before the test can accurately tell you if she is pregnant or not. So I’ll have to wait until the second week in December before I can find out.

Here are Scott’s main points from the sermon. He talked about the characteristics of our Heavenly Father and how we as earthly fathers should try to have those same characteristics.

Your Heavenly Father:

  1. is perfect
  2. is compassionate
  3. is comforting
  4. is holy
  5. looks like Jesus
  6. seeks His children
  7. gives to His children
  8. disciplines His children
  9. guides His children
  10. never forgets you