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Trey plays in the Centennial Olympic Park fountains

Centennial Olympic Park

I had to get my iPhone 3G fixed replaced at the Apple Store in Atlanta (dying battery, no wireless, unreliable GPS) and I promised Trey a treat for making the drive with me. He has never been to Centennial Park and I knew he would love the Olympic rings water fountain.

It turned out to be the WORST day of the year to go into Atlanta. DragonCon was going on, LSU was playing UNC, Decatur was having a massive book festival, and Atlanta was holding its Black Gay Pride Festival. It was very, very crowded and we saw lots of very, very odd individuals (jocks, nerds, and gays alike).

Nonetheless, the 45 minutes he played in the water were nothing but pure joy.

Macon Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Trey’s second (of three) 4-year birthday party. We had friends from around Macon join us at the Amerson Water Works Park in northeast Macon. The highlight of the party was definitely the piñata. It took Trey’s muscle man friend Griffin to decapitate it for the kids to access its candy innards.

Despite the heat, the kids had fun on the great playground at that park. After the festivities several of us headed over to Pho Saigon, Macon’s best (and only) Vietnamese restaurant. We’ve become friends with the owner/chef Bruce and his daughter Suri and Trey are buddies too. Suri, her dad, and baby sister even joined us earlier at the park.

Trey and Heidi in Atlanta's Piedmont Park

Fun in Piedmont Park

Trey and Heidi in Atlanta's Piedmont ParkAfter our return from Richmond, Trey and I stayed in Atlanta with Heidi in the hotel for a few days. Piedmont Park isn’t far from Buckhead and is by far the best city park in the area – maybe even in all of Georgia.

Trey had a blast on the playground, then we had a little picnic. The park’s not-so-wild-life was very interested in our little lunch. Trey was particularly fascinated by a very brave squirrel who was dead set on getting some crackers from us.


Meadow Farm in Richmond

During his stay with his grandparents in Richmond Trey visited a historical site/park called Meadow Farm. He didn’t visit the museum portion as he was more interested in the playground part.


More Crosby Fun

Adam and his boys head down the railroad track on a fun, family hike.

Adam and his boys head down the railroad track on a fun, family hike.

Everybody loves the Crosby family! They have helped us out so many times by watching Trey and letting him hang-out with his “best buddy” Causey and his arch-nemesis Hudson. Yes, I said “arch-nemesis.” Lately Trey does NOT like little kids and we’ve had problems with him being bossy, rude, and downright mean to them. When ask why he doesn’t like kids younger than him he says “They put things in their mouth” and “They drop things on the floor.” However, we’ve been working hard at teaching him patience and he’s doing a lot better.

This week we hung out with them at a park near their house and Adam took us on a hike. We went over the railroad tracks and back to the Ocmulgee River Trail. As usual, the 3 year olds had a great time simply throwing rocks in the water.


Noah’s Ark with Allister & Mike

One of our favorite (FREE) local spots to visit is Noah’s Ark up in Locust Grove. This time we met up with Trey’s buddy Allister and her daddy (and my buddy) Mike. We had never been to the animal rehab on a weekend and it was packed!

After a short picnic together we toured the grounds to see the animals. Highlights for the kids on this visit were seeing an ostrich care for her giant egg and petting a deer. Allister was really interested in seeing the buffalo and Trey was quite concerned that there were ducks in the buffalo’s stream.

2nd Sunday, April 2010

Every second Sunday, Macon holds a free concert downtown at Washington Park. The second Sunday in April was a special one as they not only had a concert by the Laura Reed Band, but they had the annual Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby.


Riverview City Park

Riverview Park in Macon, GAWhile not nearly as ambitious as our State Park project, Trey and I have been slowly making our way around to all of Macon’s city parks. This little recreational area is tucked away in a neighborhood on the north side of town – we accidentally found it when visiting a friend in that neighborhood.

The park is basically just a small playground but that is all a 3-year-old needs. We ran around and played and I got to experiment a bit more with my off-camera flash tricks.

2010 Cherry Blossom Festival - Central City Park Fairgrounds

Cherry Blossom Festival Pics

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0225I’m a bit late getting these up but here they are – photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival held a couple weeks ago. We didn’t attend nearly as many events as we did last year (I was busy preparing for the Mulberry St. Art Festival) but we did get to the fairgrounds at Central City Park at least once and we watched the big parade downtown. You can see some more of my parade photos on my web site.

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0362Trey really enjoyed watching the parade – the highlight of the parade were our sister cities’ floats – Ulyanovsk, Russia and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Our visit to the fairgrounds was a bit of a disappointment because they were no longer selling the Unlimited Rides passes. The money we had “budgeted” for Trey to enjoy got him about 7 rides instead of the infinite number we had hoped for. Nonetheless, we spread the rides out and he enjoyed them just as much.