The Lego Outlet

Trey has been getting into Legos which makes me really happy. They are such a great toy – they’re fun for kids & adults, the possibilities of building different things are endless, and they are incredible imagination builders.

As a special treat, I drove a bit off course on our way to Tennessee and took Trey to the Lego Outlet store northeast of Atlanta. It was totally worth it. We spent a little over an hour in there but could have stayed all day. He loved the section of the store where there was a giant bin of legos for him to play with to his heart’s content.

Instead of buying a themed set (Star Wars, Harry Potter, pirates, ninjas, etc…) I payed $15 to fill a giant cup at the “Pick a Brick” section.  I also ended up buying him a Lego Star Wars t-shirt. It was one of those wonderful parenting moments. The way his eyes lit up and the enthusiasm in his voice when I pull the shirt off the rack and asked “Would you like me to get you this t-shirt?” was priceless. He hugged me and let out a loud “Sank you, Daddy!”At that moment he had my heart and I would have bought him everything in the store had he just asked.

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