More Crosby Fun

Adam and his boys head down the railroad track on a fun, family hike.Everybody loves the Crosby family! They have helped us out so many times by watching Trey and letting him hang-out with his “best buddy” Causey and his arch-nemesis Hudson. Yes, I said “arch-nemesis.” Lately Trey does NOT like little kids and we’ve had problems with him being bossy, rude, and downright mean to them. When ask why he doesn’t like kids younger than him he says “They put things in their mouth” and “They drop things on the floor.”¬†However, we’ve been working hard at teaching him patience and he’s doing a lot better.

This week we hung out with them at a park near their house and Adam took us on a hike. We went over the railroad tracks and back to the Ocmulgee River Trail. As usual, the 3 year olds had a great time simply throwing rocks in the water.

2 thoughts on “More Crosby Fun

  1. Amanda

    We love the Haun family too! Trey is doing much better with Hudson. A few more years and they may even be friends! Ya’ll come play anytime; we enjoy Trey so much!

  2. Diane Crosby

    I love following your pictures and writings, especially when it involves the Crosbys!

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