The Circus Comes to Macon

This past year I’ve been taking photos for the Macon Centreplex and one of the perks is free tickets to whatever event I shoot. So far I’ve covered Casting Crowns, Willie Nelson, and even WWE Wrestling. This past weekend the circus came to town and I took Heidi and Trey along with me.

Trey has been to two other circuses (one good, one not-so-good) and this was by far the one he enjoyed the most. It was a new Ringling Bros. tour called “Illuscnination” that was a smaller “one-ring” show. Having just one ring was much better since Trey could focus on one thing happening at a time. It was great to see how enthusiastic he would get about the performers; even giving some of them standing ovations.

His favorite thing? The “Eph-al-ents”.
Least favorite? The horseys. I don’t blame him at all – they were sissy little Shetland ponies with dolls tied to their backs.

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