Hauns in CNC’s Journey Magazine

The Haun Family in West Africa (circa 1989)Carson-Newman College has been a tradition in my family. My grandparents (John & Lucille Pate) graduated from there in 1948, my parents in 1976, Heidi and I in 2002 and 2001, and my brother David and his wife Brittany in 2008. With my parents’ upcoming retirement from the IMB after 25 years of service in West Africa, the college wrote an article about my parents and their ministry.

Of course, I’m just posting it here to brag on them (and Heidi who got her picture posted with the article)  – but it’s allowed since Trey is mentioned in the article. Follow the link to read the article: Roger Haun Cites C-N as Major Influence in both Career and Family

One thought on “Hauns in CNC’s Journey Magazine

  1. Amanda

    Congrats on a fabulous legacy! Zach and I potentially could be moving to Mali within the year, so it is good to read stories around the area. Thanks for sharing!

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