Grammaw Gets Sick (again)

Trey on the Haun farm in April 2009When I mentioned we were going to Sweetwater I expected the trip to be less-stressful since my 91-year-old grandmother had some wonderful ladies helping her out around the house. Unfortunately, during our visit she fell ill again and I spent most of my time helping care for her and eventually taking her to the hospital. Thankfully she’s a bit better now and is back home with a whole new slew of medications.

The visit wasn’t all bad news though – good friend Shane McBride dropped by with his kids one afternoon. Trey and Zack got a long quite well and played a bit. Trey also got to spend time with my great-uncle & aunt Tommy and Betty Haun. He has really grown to love those two and it has been a huge blessing to be able to leave him with them when I have to deal with my grandmother in the hospital.

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