Trey Builds a (mini) Snowman

We’re up in Sweetwater and they weather has been cold enough to keep the snow they had a couple days ago on the ground. It wasn’t much snow to begin and it is only left in the shade. Nonetheless, Trey and I set out to build a snowman.

Trey picks up the snowman's carrot nose left on the groundUPDATE – the next day we went back out and the snowman was gone. All that was left was a tiny bit of ice and his arms, eyes, buttons, hat, and nose. Trey had a hard time understanding the concept of snow melting. He kept asking “Where’d the snowman go?” I guess he finally came to terms with it since he started eating the abandoned carrot nose.

2 thoughts on “Trey Builds a (mini) Snowman

  1. barbara

    looks like trey needs to read the snowy day! sanne’s favorite part is when the snowball peter brought inside and put in his pocket . . . melts

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