Dad, I’m Watching You

These cold (and often wet) winter days can really be a drag. Trey gets frustrated indoors with all his pent up energy. I get cold, grumpy, and am quick to snap at him when he doesn’t obey promptly.  Summer time is so much nicer because we can run around outside and we don’t have to take off 5 layers of clothes each time Trey has a potty false alarm (in fact in the summer he just pees outside!).

A friend posted this video on his blog and it was just the pick-me-up I needed this evening. Not only is every second I have with Trey invaluable, but he is soaking up everything he sees me do and say. That is inspiring and a bit frightening at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Dad, I’m Watching You

  1. Rachel L

    Parent’s don’t always get the, “you’re doing a good job” affirmation that they need, but I know you and Heidi are by the kind of little boy that Trey is. I loved it when he said to Allister the other day, “Don’t say ‘no’ Allister, say ‘yes!’” with a big smile on his face. So precious.

  2. RobQ

    I FINALLY got to see this on Christines laptop as my desktop (antiquated and slow) won’t play any video any more…so sad.
    An awesome reminder of the little bodies of wet cement that follow us around and the gravity of our imprints. Thanks for sharing this.

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