Who likes SS more? Trey or Daddy?

Trey has really been digging Sesame Street this week. And so have I. Every day they have clever sketches that I can tell are educating Trey and at the same time they entertain me.

Today they covered triangles and had singer James Blunt as a guest. He sang a song that I hate – one of those pop/top40 songs that you hear for a while on the radio and in any store you visit. However, Sesame Street rewrote the words and he sang about finding a triangle. I love how they’ve taken a song that was originally quite silly and put it into a silly context. A highlight of the video was the slow-mo disco scenes.

I think I like the Sesame St. version better and so I sang along to Trey. Throughout the day he would look at me and say “triangle?” in a really high-pitched voice and I would respond by breaking into the catchy song. Watch the video below and you’ll be singing “A triangle… my triangle” over and over too.

One thought on “Who likes SS more? Trey or Daddy?

  1. Adam

    That was way better than the original. I think James Blunt should let sesame street write his lyrics from now on. I really like the song now. I want it for my ipod.

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