Visiting Uncle Tommy & Aunt Betty

tommy-bettys-june08-6.jpgFor over half a century, my grandfather’s younger brother has lived on a farm a mile down the road. He not only has some cows on his farm, but he has 2 very large Amish work horses. Trey had a blast picking up scraps of hay off the ground and feeding them to the horses.

tommy-bettys-june08-2.jpgWhen we had dinner at Betty & Tommy’s we got a surprise visit from my Aunt Cookie and her husband Jerry. Cookie is some sort of 2nd cousin of mine – she is my grandfather’s sister’s daughter. I haven’t seen her in decades.

One thought on “Visiting Uncle Tommy & Aunt Betty

  1. Daddy

    Actually, Cookie is my 1st cousin. Her mother was Peepaw’s oldest sister, Elizabeth Lingerfelt. This makes her your cousin once removed.

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