Something Missing…

Trey without pacifier on the planeTrey loved his pacifier (remember the alligator incident?) Now that we weaned him from nursing, we wanted to break him of the pacifier habit sometime soon. I wouldn’t recommend our “oh, no! I didn’t pack any pacifiers for the plane ride to Colorado” method, but once we got over the initial whining and crying during the first leg of our trip to CO, we decided we couldn’t go back. He asked for it almost every day at nap and bed time, but only for the first week. He’s mostly forgotten it now. We looked all around the house when we got home to throw away extras. This morning he found a pacifier keeper (connects the pacifier to the baby’s clothes) and started to look around for a paci. I distracted him with a ball and he was satisfied. The end of another era in the life of Trey.

2 thoughts on “Something Missing…

  1. Lauren

    Congrats! Mac sucked his thumb as a baby but stopped once he started teething. Unfortunately he started sucking on his two forefingers about a week or so ago. Too bad we can’t leave those anywhere…

  2. Jamie

    Cold Turkey… I love it! I have to give my wife props for her binky weaning idea. We introduced a new Binky which was bigger then what Tyler was used to. When we gave it to him at naptime he would say yuckie binky, discard it and go to bed. After a couple of days he just stopped asking for it.

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