Hiking West African Style

In West Africa, Baby taught Heidi how to use a cloth to carry Trey on her back. That simple technique is a great way to carry a baby or small child. Forget fancy kiddie carriers, just grab a bed sheet and sling him on your back. When we were hiking a Great Sand Dunes National Park Heidi used a bed sheet she borrowed from Amy Torrence. Not only did it protect Trey from the wind and keep him warm, but within 5 minutes it put him to sleep.

We hiked up the Dunes Overlook Trail and were rewarded with a gorgeous view of the sand dunes and the stream that cuts around their east side.

One thought on “Hiking West African Style

  1. Vicki W

    Hiking for two seems like it would be hard. But probably not as hard as hiking with a cold, tired, cranky child. :-)

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