Hutch Turns Three

Trey’s buddy Hutch turned 3 today and Trey got to hang out with him all day. In the morning they went to Great Explorations, The Children’s Museum and had a jolly good time. Then in the evening (after a long nap) Trey joined Hutch for the party. Trey really liked some of Hutch’s presents and Hutch was a good sport and let him play with them. Happy Birthday, Hutch!

I used the day of taking photos indoors to test out a new flash I got for my camera. I use a pretty big diffuser on it and it really reduces the glare on faces and shadows in the shot. Most of the images below were taking in pretty low light so I was very happy with the results.

Click the images below for larger versions. Once open, hit Esc or click the gray area to close the large version.

Trey plays on the table that blows air Trey tries on the fireman’s boots What sound does the cow make?
Hutch plays in the distorted mirror Trey loved the mirrors along the hallway Trey’s favorite birthday present… of Hutch’s
The birthday cake is over there! Say Cheese! Taken in extreme lowlight - I love my new flash!
Time for cake! Mmm… Icing Trey sporting the t-shirt his Auntie Annie brought him from Honduras

1 thought on “Hutch Turns Three

  1. Gramps

    I like the pictures with the new flash. It lights up the subject without causing the redeye effect. It seems like the boys had a good time.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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