Trey’s Baby Dedication

Being Mother’s Day our church decided it would be appropriate to have the baby dedications this morning. We got to join several of our friends on stage with our young ones during the service.

I feel it is important to point out the difference between a baby “dedication” and a baby baptism or “sprinkling.” We believe that baptism is an expression of one’s decision to follow Christ. There are two very important things about that belief: 1) The act of baptism is not what makes one a Christian. 2) Being a Christian is a choice – not something a parent can decide for their child (as much as they might wish they could). So in our church a baby dedication service is simply a time where the parents and the church make a commitment to each other and to the child that they will support, love, and encourage the child together.

It is a great feeling for a young couple like us to know that we have a congregation of loving friends who are committed to helping us raise our child in a godly way.

Trey's Baby Dedication

Trey's Baby Dedication

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