Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!!!

We felt a bit odd having “no clothes, please” printed on Heidi’s baby shower invites, but as you can see from the photo below – we’ve got a’plenty.

Heidi spent the last couple days washing and organizing all the “hand-me-down” clothes we’ve been given by friends and the clothes in the picture above are the 0-9months ones.

In fact, we have so many clothes that Heidi has shared the love with some other friends’ of ours who are expecting in October. I did a quick count and I think that my unborn son has about 3.14 times more clothes than me.

A special shout out to my colleagues Mike Carnahan and Karen Hesting who both had boys in the last 3 years and gave us the majority of these great outfits. Gazillions of “Thank you”s to all of you who have blessed us with gifts.

One thought on “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!!!

  1. EL

    Yeah, it’s pretty embarrassing how many clothes a baby gets. I don’t think that Micah has worn the same thing twice. It’s absurd. Haun, you need to see if you can trade some clothes for diapers. I should have just bought stock in Pampers. Guess I’ll stick with Scott Trade instead.

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