Following Trey’s Growth

Uterus Growth Chart - courtesy of Jym Davis
First off, thanks to Jym Davis for sending us this genius little diagram. Right now Heidi is at 6 1/2 months so that puts the top of her uterus right at the belly button.

We’ve been reading a book every night that tells us what is happening to our baby boy’s body day by day. Here are a couple of the recent highlights:

  • His lungs are now capable of breathing air
  • The buds of his permanent teeth have already come in high behind his baby teeth
  • His eyelids have unfused and can open – in fact, he can move his eyes and practice looking
  • His brain can already process visual and auditory information and control his body temperature and breathing rhythms (that last one helps with crying)
  • He’s already practicing sucking and swallowing
  • Right now his skin is wrinkled but is smoothing out as he now starts accumulating white body fat

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