First Doctor’s Visit

I decided to find an Ob/Gyn who was located close enough to my home that William would be able to be involved in the prenatal care. I picked an office that I had heard good things about, but I couldn’t really ask any friends for input at this point because we are keeping it a secret. I had to attend a prenatal class first. Most of the information was nothing new, but I know that I still have a lot to learn.

I was disappointed that my Ob doesn’t get first trimester ultrasounds unless there is uncertainty about dating. Well, since I have been keeping track of my cycle for the past 6 months since dropping the pill, I had no problem with dating my last period. I’ll have to wait until I am 20 weeks along before I get to see the little genius forming inside me. My first visit was nothing out of the ordinary from other gyn visits, so I told William he could stay home. At the next visit, we’ll get to hear the heartbeat, so I’ll make sure he comes along for that one.

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